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crafting ideas

thisisnotapipe design solutions is a branding agency based in the USA, with representation in Australia, Hong Kong and China.

With all of our creative endeavours, we aim to place an emphasis on traditional methods of idea generation and transforming the 'everyday mundane' into ideas for clearer and more interesting communication.

the test of time

For over 13 years the studio has conceived solutions for large corporates and small start-up brands around the world. Notable global brands include adidas, peter alexander, The Four Seasons and Herman Miller.

Driven by intellectually stimulated visual solutions. thisisnotapipe design prides our ideas on achieving client goals while maintaining the integrity of being 'design-current' in an over-stimulated world.

we believe in

inspiring, memorable and considered visual experiences, that are supported by meaningful and logical design principles

We understand that the discerning consumer is now well-versed in design and the visual environment around them and we serve as a means to explore the boundaries of this environment - while working within existing client-driven brand directives.

be unique

Consumers are no longer content with selecting from a standard gamut of brand touch-points, thisisnotapipe is here to help create a bridge to those unique touch-points, allowing our clients to explore all avenues of bespoke brand marketing.

It is not uncommon for thisisnotapipe to challenge visual preconceptions and/or to assist in redefining brand boundaries, advocate for change or champion a more thoughtful and intuitive solution.

We choose to explore new levels of interactivity with a brand - all of which must be discovered and defined personally between thisisnotapipe and our clients this allows our clients access to a bespoke, personal and meaningful design process.


Our success (and therefore our clients') is only as good as our partnerships. Our partners include photographers such as Todd Anthony Tyler and Derryck Menere, printers such as Impact Design and McKellar Renown, developers such as and

thisisnotapipe strongly values these partnerships which breed innovation, success and a peace of mind that can be shared with our clients.

thisisnotapipe owes much of its success to paperstonescissors and will forever be grateful to Atia Cader and Andrew Majzner for their creative leadership. Also, a big thank you to the team at Cinco design in Portland for their mentorship.

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